Security Guards & Patrols


Ironman Security provides professional on-site guards and security patrols for a wide range of events and businesses. Our guards will provide you with a safe and secure environment and give you complete peace of mind.

We offer our services across all of New Zealand, delivering a consistently high performance. Updated with the latest technologies, we can provide a security service and solution to have you future ready and fully protected, all at a reasonable price.

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Our Services

With 24/7 alarm monitoring, we are always on hand to help.

Alarm Response
Alarm Response

We have dedicated Patrol Teams which focus on clearly defined geographical areas, enabling them to respond faster and get to your location quicker. Our 24/7 monitoring centre will be in continuous contact with the guards, making sure they take the correct actions from your set requirements.

Casual Patrol Services
Casual Patrol Services

When you have a situation, it best calls for an increased visible presence at your property to ward off unwanted activity or further potential problems. We can also provide extra services, such as car park patrols, staff welfare check, staff escorts etc.

Regular Patrol Services
Regular Patrol Services

Our professional and uniformed Security Officers provide a strong visible presence at your home and suburb, which is an excellent form of crime prevention. On top of this we can provide extra services, such as hazard reporting, perimeter checks, etc.

What We Include

24/7 Monitoring. Smartphone App Control. Includes Install.

Welfare Checks

Sometimes your staff have to work late, and we’ll make sure they’re okay with regular welfare checks.

Regular Property Checks

Our guards perform regular perimeter checks to make sure no incidents occur.

Staff Escorts

If it’s late at night and your staff don’t feel safe they can call us and we’ll help escort them to their car.

Patrol Team Dispatch

We have dedicated Patrol Teams waiting and ready to be dispatched to your property at any time.

Property Lock Up & Unlock

We will make sure your property is secure with lock up and unlock for staff and contractors working after hours.

Immediate Action

In the event that illegal activities occur on your property, we will take immediate action whilst keeping your best interests in mind.

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