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At Ironman Security we’re more than a security guard company, we offer state-of-the-art security solutions from the world’s leading commercial security brands.

Our next-gen alarm system can be tailored to suit any place, whether it’s large, small, home or business. Drop us a line today for peace of mind at an affordable price!

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Paradox Alarm System MG-5050

The latest in security technology, all at an affordable price.

  • Secure up to 32 points of detection
  • Control your security system with remote control convenience and one-touch button ease
  • Protect two separate areas with one single system
  • Multipath Communication: Monitor your system’s status, receive notification of system events, control your system (arm/disarm, open a door, etc.)  using an internet browser, email, SMS or voice messages
Our Alarm Product Features

24/7 Monitoring. Smartphone App Control. Includes Install.

Wireless Convenience

With Magellan you can provide your business with maximum security without the hassle of tearing holes in your wall, running wires or paying for expensive installations. The convenience of a wireless security system also means your system can always move with you!

Avoid False Alarms

Most false alarms result from errors that occur from security system owners using over-complicated keypads. The keypad that accompany your Magellan system have been designed with this major obstacle in mind, and as a result, provide you with guidance and one-touch button ease of use.

Smartphone App Control

The iParadox app enables you to remotely access your Paradox security system. With arm/disarm control, PGM control, and live system status, iParadox turns any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android  phone into a remote keypad. Now you can control your Paradox security system from your favorite device!

Double The Security

Magellan can secure two separate areas with one single system. This means your storefront can be disarmed while your storeroom/warehouse is armed 24hrs a day. Ensure that a specific area can only be accessed by you or someone you choose, or that an area automatically arms at the same time every day.

Check Alarm Status

With one-touch, remote control convenience, managing your security system has never been simpler. Disarm your system with one button, arm it with another or send a panic signal to your monitoring station

Real-time Notifications

Your system can send you a text message (SMS), a pre-recorded voice message, or an email to notify you of system events, such as arming/disarming, alarms and troubles. You can also remotely control your system (e.g. arm/ disarm) from any phone by sending an SMS or through a web browser from anywhere in the world.

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